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The Rising Need to Focus and Invest in Talent Management Practices

the rising need to focus and invest in talent management practices

SJ Raj, Senior VP HR, Newgen Software Technologies

Better Work Environment for Better Employee Development

better work environment for better employee development

Sumit Sabharwal, Head HR, Fujitsu Consulting India

Addressing the 'Human Element' in Data Analytics

addressing the 'human element' in data analytics

Chris Mazzei, Global Chief Analytics Officer, EY

Insightful HR Initiatives: From Cost Center to Profit Generator

insightful hr initiatives: from cost center to profit generator

Subir Verma, Head - Business HR (Generation), Tata Power, Mumbai

Preserving the Human Aspect of HR!

preserving the human aspect of hr!

Ankita Singh, Vice President & Global Head - HR, CIGNEX Datamatics

When Considering Agile, We Must Consider Our Organization's Capability to BE Agile

when considering agile, we must consider our organization's capability to be agile

Michael Cracroft, Chief Security & Technology Officer, Service NSW

Two Pathbreaking Changes & How They are Faring

two pathbreaking changes & how they are faring

Sugata Sircar, CFO & Country Finance Partner, Greater India, Schneider Electric

 Why India Needs to Adopt Circular Economy?

why india needs to adopt circular economy?

Subramania Raju Rajasulochana, Assistant Professor, Area of Finance & Strategy, T A Pai Management

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